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Every vacation planner needs an all-in-one tech solution for their independent business. Avoya’s proprietary in-house Agent Power™ SaaS technology empowers your travel agency with advanced resources and capabilities to meet all your business needs, saving you valuable time and money so you can focus on planning the very best vacations for your clients.

What makes this such a great resource for vacation planners? With this cutting-edge technology solution available from anywhere, you can keep your business running while you’re on the go and compete with the vacation searching and booking capabilities of large-scale online travel agencies (but with personalized customer service and an agency as unique as you).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Keep track of your clients’ personal information and travel history with a fully integrated CRM system right at your fingertips. Access vital customer data and insights to help you increase your productivity while easily managing your client information. Loading information couldn’t be easier, freeing up your time for more important tasks, like nurturing client relationships, closing more sales and increasing profitability.



Quickly and easily find the best itineraries that meet your clients’ interests with access to a search and book engine integrated into Agent Power. Make life easier by easily booking tours, cruises, hotels and more in one easily accessible central location. Search and filter features allow you to design the perfect getaway for your clients.



Accounting may not fall in everyone’s wheelhouse, which is why we’ve integrated simple and intuitive accounting resources right into Agent Power, exclusively for Network members. Avoya helps you manage your bookings with accuracy and ease, so you have more time to focus on your clients. Access commission reports in a flash and stop wasting time tracking down commissions to ensure you’re receiving the hard-earned payoff of your efforts.



Looking for an easier way to track the health of your independent travel business? Using Avoya’s Agency Dashboard™, you’ll gain direct, daily access to clear and easy-to-understand actionable reports to help you get deeper insight into the performance of your agency, in turn helping you make the best data-based decisions for your future bookings and earnings.



Take the guesswork out of your clients’ activity and gain actionable insights into how they’re engaging with communication and quotes you send, what vacations they’ve been researching online and more. Real-time insights are delivered directly to your dashboard with Avoya’s Customer Activity Stream™. Staying on track with action items and opportunities to engage your clients has never been easier.



When it comes to online deals, travelers have endless options right at their digital doorstep, so the quicker you engage your clients, the better your chances are of securing a booking. With the Avoya Smart Value System™ (ASV), you essentially have a built-in assistant to help you navigate through countless promotions and find the best one with the most value to apply to your client’s booking, eliminating hours spent searching. Factoring in booking window, travel window, cabin category, rate codes, combinability and more, ASV technology embeds the results directly into vacation quotes you provide for your clients. By providing your clients with high-quality quotes showing the dollar-value associated with the perks they’re receiving, you’ll increase the likelihood of closing that sale.



At the heart of good time-management is a well-organized calendar. Integrated right into your dashboard, you have access to all your important dates and reminders, all in one place within Agent Power. From booking inquiries to sending bon voyage wishes, keep in contact with clients 24/7 and never miss a deadline again with customer data synced directly to your calendar. 

Avoya’s innovative, leading-edge technology is proven to save you time running your business, giving you more time to do what you’re here for – curate and sell travel experiences.

Susan Wolfson

"I have tripled my income since I joined Avoya. A lot of it has to do with the innovative Agent Power technology, the quality of Live Leads, and the support that I receive from Avoya."

Susan Wolfson, Owner of Go Astro Travel LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network
Susan's Agency Booked Over $2 Million in Sales Last Year!
Diane Bower

"What sets Avoya Travel apart from other travel networks is their technology, their leadership in innovation, their stellar reputation, the quality of their Live Leads, their marketing, everything is just amazing! Avoya Travel is just way above anything else I could ever consider."

Diane Bower, Owner of CruzDiva Travel, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network
Diane's Agency Booked Over $3 Million in Sales Last Year!
Patricia LoBracco

"Avoya's technology is far above any of the systems out there. It is advanced, it's fast, it's user friendly. You can easily get quotes to clients. Agent Power is just a great system."

Patricia LoBracco, Owner of LoBracco Travel LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network
Patricia's Agency Booked Over $2 Million in Sales Last Year!
Claudette Sang

"Avoya offers all the support you need in order to start your own travel business. Professional development, organization, technology, leads, competitive pricing, invoicing, quoting, and of course MARKETING, it's all here. I don't know of any other travel partner that offers all of that."

Claudette Sang, Owner of Oasis Travel Club LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network
David Pearsall

“I have spent decades of my life in different parts of the travel industry. My first love has always been helping people plan their vacations. I researched host networks for home-based agencies and found Avoya. It has now been nearly 4 years and I haven’t looked back. Avoya is number one in technology and support. They are a company driven by intelligence and care.”

David Pearsall , Owner of D & C Holidays, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network
Kathy Burk

“Avoya Travel provides us with outstanding leadership, support staff and technology that is the best in the world to help us run our business quickly and efficiently. They go above and beyond to help us so that we can do what we do best - assist our clients. They offer weekly online meetings featuring industry experts who are there to answer any questions we may have. I am grateful that I am an independent agent affiliated with the best in the business - Avoya Travel.”

Kathy Burk, Owner of Incredible Vacations by Kathy, LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network

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