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Creating the travel brand of the future

Who is Avoya? More than a unique history, we're a travel platform concept focused on bringing together travelers, travel sellers and suppliers. Our team members are especially passionate about this industry, which translates into everything we do.

We're a marketing and technology company with purpose. Pairing best-in-class resources with data intelligence to provide valuable insight into the performance and needs of each individual business, we give agencies the means to succeed.

As the travel industry evolves, so do we. This drives us to do things differently and stay ahead of what the modern travel professional needs to find success. With our fresh approach focused on providing flexible solutions to travel agency owners, we're a true partner helping build successful travel businesses.

We believe that innovation and success go hand in hand. Our team are innovators. It's why we're the travel platform of the future, going beyond expectations every day. 



As one of life's greatest joys, travel is something that our founders, Pat and Pal Anderson, fell in love with over six decades ago. On the sunny coastlines of Hawaii, our humble beginnings have evolved into today's Avoya Travel. Our mission has allowed us to help travel professionals create their dream businesses, with the support of a travel partner by your side every step of the way.


Not only do we go beyond expectations for 'what a business should be,' but we help travel professionals go beyond expectations of succeeding in their own business. Our goals are your goals, which is what our Shared Success™ model is all about - only when you succeed do we succeed. We are, and always will be, authentically Avoya.



When you affiliate your travel business with Avoya, not only will you gain the backings of an entire Network, but you'll also be able to tap into the resources that Travel Leaders Network provides. That's a double win for your business (and exceeding your future goals)! From marketing resources to support, there’s no limit to what we can achieve when we work together.



We've always got our eyes set on the future, and partnering with Certares is another stepping stone to get there. Through our combined forces, our commitment to long-term growth and scaling our platform has never been stronger. We continue shaping our position as an industry leader and accelerate our pursuit to perfect vacation shopping, planning and booking.

At Avoya, we know that a small business doesn't mean small opportunities. The golden age of travel is upon us, which means that small business success is once again on the horizon. Are you ready to join us in creating the future of travel?

Kathy Burk

“Avoya Travel stood by us through the most awful time in not only the travel industry, but in recent world history. Avoya provided us with much needed support and information when millions of dollars' worth of customer's vacation bookings were being cancelled by suppliers worldwide.”

Kathy Burk, Owner of Incredible Vacations by Kathy, LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network

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