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Do You Offer a Discount for Veterans?

Yes! To honor and thank you for your service, we’re proud to offer an exclusive discount for veterans and veteran spouses for $100 off your affiliation fee to join the Avoya Travel Network™. Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of this discount.

Can I Run My Business My Way?

As an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network™, how, where and when you work, sell travel and manage your agency is up to you as long as it’s done with Integrity and Professionalism™.

What Kind of Earnings Does the Typical Independent Agency Have?

Independent Agencies in the Avoya Travel Network are among the highest performing in the industry. They have the opportunity to achieve unlimited income potential, with many making six-figure incomes and living a lifestyle of happiness and success. As the only travel company to have won Best Host Agency every year in the Travvy Awards, Avoya continues to be recognized for its innovation, travel leadership and prosperous Shared Success™ model; creating continuous record success for travel professionals, supplier partners and travelers.

Do You Provide Leads?

Yes. Avoya's Live Leads™ program is the first, most successful, and most awarded patented lead program in the world. Using Live Leads, you’ll have more time to spend on closing more sales and earning more commissions.

What is the Cost to Affiliate My Independent Travel Business with Avoya?

As with any entrepreneurial venture, start-up and ongoing costs are important to keep in mind. To ensure you get the best value for your investment, we don’t put a financial strain on your independent travel business, with your initial affiliation cost at just $495. Even with economical startup costs, we never compromise on quality.

Are There Any Monthly Fees?

We are not fee-based and don’t believe in charging unnecessary fees or program costs. There is a monthly agency fee of $49 a month, however this fee is waived if the agency meets a low monthly commission threshold. Click here to learn more about the cost to affiliate with Avoya and how it compares to other travel networks.

What Supplier Commission Levels are Available Through Avoya?

Cruise lines and vacation companies offer Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network commissions at the highest levels, sometimes even higher, than available at any other leading host or franchise network.

After Affiliating, Will I Be Locked into a Long-Term Contract?

We don’t believe in trapping you into a multi-year contract. We want your independent travel business to remain in the Avoya Travel Network for years because you want to, not because you signed a long-term contract. The initial agreement term to affiliate with Avoya is six months, and after that in most cases it is a one-year renewal.

What Makes Avoya Different than Other Travel Networks?

As the industry’s leading travel platform, we offer travelers a new and better way to book their vacation, travel sellers unlimited opportunities to grow their own businesses and supplier partners the industry’s most advanced retail distribution system.

We focus on providing flexible solutions to travel agency owners that can be customized with the right products and services to meet the unique needs of their business. Pairing best-in-class marketing, technology and agency support resources with data intelligence to provide valuable insight into the performance and needs of each individual business, we give them the means to succeed.

Will I Be Competing with Avoya for Clients?

No, Avoya does not sell directly to consumers. Our focus is finding and matching travelers with Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network. 

What Kind of Support is Available to Independent Agency Owners?

With the highest quality live support available 7 days a week, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have the backings of an entire travel network behind you. We continuously forge new ways of working, collaborating and future planning to ensure your business is on the path to success, in both challenging and prosperous times. You’re never alone in the Avoya Network. Click here to learn more about available support for your independent agency.

How Often are Commissions Paid?

Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network can get paid weekly (as received by suppliers) via direct deposit. Network members can also take advantage of our optional Instant Commission™ program to get paid even sooner.

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