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Working from Travel: Making the Most of Your Workday


What’s one passion that every travel advisor has? You guessed it, traveling! As an independent travel advisor, you have the freedom to pick up your home office and work from anywhere in the world.

To be able to do this, you'll need to be very organized, have a great work ethic and high motivation to grow your business while working from travel.

We've compiled a list of tips to help you make the absolute most of your workday while running a remote travel business.

Time Management Is Key
Ditch that messy to-do list and try time blocking instead! Time blocking is a time management tool that suggests dividing your day into segments that are devoted to a specific task or group of tasks.

Find a routine that works best for you while you're working remotely and stick to it. Routines build habits, and you will need strong work habits to be able to run a successful business while traveling. They also increase productivity and can lower stress levels, making working on the road more enjoyable.

Stay Organized While Remote
Staying organized while running a remote business is one of the keys to success. Try using an online planner that keeps all of your important deadlines and reminders in one place.

Having your clients' important files in an easy-to-access location is also a must. If an online planner doesn't work for you, keep a physical planner with folders and tabs for organization.

Just like routines, maintaining an organized mobile workplace is key to reducing stress and boosting productivity while also keeping your travel business running smoothly.

Join a Remote Work Group
Take into consideration what other work-from-travelers are doing to keep their business thriving by joining a remote work group. These groups offer a great opportunity to learn and provide a place to bounce ideas off of your peers.

In affiliation with the Avoya Network™, you will be able to join Facebook groups to get the latest tips from fellow independent travel agencies and learn more while you're on the go.

Collect Content for Your Business' Marketing While Traveling
While you may be taking in the views on your off hours, make sure to capture the exceptional moments of your experience to share in your marketing and with your clients. After all, your clients are coming to you because you're the master of travel, the adventure advisor.

Be sure to collect content during your travels to post on your socials. This will create more brand recognition for your business and build trust for your clients.

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For more advice on this topic or to learn more about running a successful independent travel business, contact us today - we're ready to help you get started.

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