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How Avoya is Building the Future of Travel Agency Success


Starting small? Get ready to think big.

At Avoya, we know that a small business doesn't mean small opportunities. As the industry's leading travel platform, Avoya Travel® is a marketing and technology company with a purpose. We bring together travelers, travel sellers and supplier partners through our unique model, all based on the foundation of thought leadership, innovation and Shared Success™, helping independent travel business owners go beyond their expectations and find even greater future success.

The golden age of travel is upon us, which means that small business success is once again on the horizon. That's why every day, our team gets together to come up with clear solutions for travel agency businesses for the future, resolving challenges faced by independent travel agency owners, while also adapting to quickly changing consumer expectations.

Are you ready to join us in creating the future of travel? Here's how we're paving the way:

Scaling up our Brand
This past year, we've ramped up our support staff, hiring the best talent that's out there at a rapid pace to continue building and revolutionizing our technology, marketing, data intelligence, support resources and so much more.

Plus, welcoming Certares as a partner to Avoya Travel in late 2021 allowed us to continue scaling up our brand reach, travel leisure platform and your opportunities to affiliate with us. Investing in people and technology remains a top priority, which despite the pandemic, has driven record high customer satisfaction ratings.

Making Digital a Priority
While recent years have greatly accelerated the shift to digital, we've always recognized the need for a technology solution that moves as rapidly as our ability to innovate that delivers top-rate experiences for Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network™, travelers and supplier partners.

If you're looking for tomorrow's technology, today – we've got just the resource for you. Avoya’s proprietary in-house Agent Power™ SaaS technology empowers your travel agency with advanced resources and capabilities to meet all your business needs, saving you valuable time and money so you can focus on planning the very best vacations for your clients.

Using Data to Drive Decision Making
With continuous innovation comes the ability to make smarter decisions. Our capabilities to increase your productivity have skyrocketed with new tech innovations, including intuitive agency performance metrics, smart technology and actionable reports. Here’s just some of the ways you can optimize your daily processes in real-time:

• Improve your marketing efforts with Avoya Smart Leads™, our predictive lead technology notifying which of your past clients is most likely to book a vacation next

• Chat with clients via SMS messaging through Avoya Conversations™, and access chat history after the fact with seamless information integration in Agent Power

• Find the best promotion with the most value to apply to your client's booking with the Avoya Smart Value System™, with results embedded directly into vacation quotes you send your clients

• Take the guesswork out of client quotes with Avoya's Customer Activity Stream™, including real-time insights delivered to your Agent Power dashboard, helping you stay on track with action items and engagement opportunities

• Track the health of your travel business using Avoya's Agency Dashboard™, with direct, daily access to clear and easy-to-understand actionable reports to help you get deeper insight into the performance of your agency and make the best data-based decisions for your future bookings and earnings

Building a Community Around a Mutual Love of Travel
From our unparalleled support to a driven Network of Independent Agencies to a friendly Support Staff system, we've focused on creating a community unlike any other. Our legacy was built on a love of travel and continues to grow well into the future.

Over the years, we've introduced one innovation after another to provide driven entrepreneurs the chance of a lifetime – the opportunity to create (and succeed) in the business of their dreams. From the revolutionary Live Leads™ program which sends new clients to you, to the one-of-a-kind education offered through our award-winning Mastermind Program™, there's no limit to what we can achieve together. But our most important travel agency solution? You decide – our products and services are completely customizable to fit your exact needs.

Contact us today to make your mark in the future of vacation planning. Your opportunities await.

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