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Working from Travel: Before, During and After Your Trip


One of the advantages that travel advisors have in this day and age is the ability to work from anywhere, but working while you are traveling and still trying to enjoy and immerse yourself in a destination also takes discipline.

Check out our tips on preparing for a work-from-travel trip as well as how to maximize your workday during the trip and how to scale up your travel business with content and learning from the journey.

Before Your Trip
When planning a work from travel trip, travel advisors need to make sure they pack certain items to ensure they are able to run a successful business while away.

Must-have items include your laptop, chargers and adapters, a smartphone for photos, an organizational planner and a tablet if you use one for business purposes.

Be sure to also pack any other work essentials or organizational items that you use on a daily basis in order to operate your business smoothly and professionally while you are away from your office.

During Your Trip
In order to keep your travel business operational while traveling, there are a few best practices to keep in mind since you will likely still be working with your clients and marketing your business while away.

In order to maximize your potential, make sure you have a system to stay organized. Consider how you will remain in contact with your clients if you will be abroad such as through FaceTime meetings, Zoom meetings or Microsoft Teams.

Planning when, where and at what time you will be able to contact clients is also a must when you are traveling, especially if there is a large time difference between your destination and where your clients are. Make sure to carve out time every day for work.

Consider setting up an online filing system so that you have access to all of your important documents online. Programs such as Acrobat and Google docs can help ensure your information is online and secure.

Capturing content for future marketing and promotional materials is also a key part of the trip. Make sure your smartphone has a good camera and that there is enough storage to take photos. Also research ahead to make sure that you are capturing the most important moments on your trip such as top sights, accommodations, restaurants and more for your future use. It also helps to have a plan to transfer the images from your smartphone to your computer.

After Your Trip
When you return from your trip, if you have kept yourself organized before and during the adventure, you should be able to seamlessly organize the content that you gathered, such as images and notes. Now it's time to maximize your potential, turning that content into outreach to your clients through email, social media posts and more. It may even help you expand your business and reach new clients.

Having a plan for outreach when you return will help you build off your trip, but don't leave your clients behind. There are always things that fall through the cracks, so be sure to carve out time to do some catching up and an inventory of what you missed while you are away.

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