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How To Create A Personalized Experience For Your Clients


Our daily routines are digitized in all aspects – from cooking and cleaning to finding the best restaurants and planning vacations. There's no denying that technology makes life easier, but in the digital age, what value does a travel agent bring that a large OTA doesn't? Ask yourself this: Why should a client book their travel with you when one click online can plan their next getaway?

Technology can be a travel advisor's best friend, but clients still want to know that their agent cares about them on a personal level; so how can you devote the time to do so while continuing to juggle all your other tasks? In today's evolving world, personalization means using technology to offer a much more connected service.

For smaller businesses with a handful of regular clients, personalization can be easy to handle by yourself, but you'll be spending extra time focusing on each client, and when your customer base grows, it's next to impossible to offer true personalization without using technology.

If you're looking for a way to hack your business' personalization, here are five tech resources offered by Avoya to help you use technology to level up your business while retaining that human touch with your clients.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Using a CRM to capture customer preferences and accessing vital customer data helps you increase your productivity while easily managing your client information. Be sure to go the extra mile by tracking when to send a birthday greeting or wish bon voyage with easy access to client information.

2. Integrated Search and Booking Engines
Search and filter features allow you to design the perfect getaway for your clients, providing that experience tailored just for them. Knowing your clients inside and out will help you plan the right trip, adding that extra bit of magic to their dream getaway.

3. Real-Time Customer Insights
Take the guesswork out of your clients' activity and gain actionable insights into how they're engaging with communication and quotes you send, what vacations they've been researching online and more. This will help you proactively engage your clients with personalized travel plans.

4. Avoya Smart Leads™
The newest edition to the Avoya Live Leads™ program, this tech helps advisors boost future sales by identifying and proactively alerting which past clients are most likely to book a vacation next. Understanding when your clients are likely to book is key to increasing successful bookings.

5. Avoya Conversations™
Communicate with customers via text message through an easy-to-use system that is integrated into Avoya's patented SaaS technology, Agent Power™. With communication records linked to the traveler record integrated seamlessly within Agent Power and the CMS, you can continue connecting with clients in a fast and effective way.

We're dedicated to helping travel professionals simplify and streamline daily business operations. Using Avoya's innovative technology, you can incorporate those personal touches into your everyday communications with your clients, taking them to the next level. Reach out to us today to get started.

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