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4 Powerful Tips for Better Travel Selling This Year


It's been an incredibly tough two years for the travel industry as a whole, but especially for travel agencies. While some advisors are back in action and doing better than ever, others are still navigating their way back to 2019 sales.

Avoya Travel understands the struggles agencies have faced and was quick to lend a supportive hand during the most difficult times. The company continues to offer assistance, most recently sharing marketing tips and revealing an exciting schedule of events in 2022.

Now, Avoya is offering four powerful tips travel advisors can use to better their travel selling this year.

Reconnect With Your Top Clients
Now is a great time to touch base with your VIP clients. Gauge their interest in upcoming trips and help ease any worries they may still have about traveling.

Check Your Online Presence
One aspect of your agency that might have been put on the back burner is your online presence. Not keeping up with this, though, can result in missed opportunities for connecting with new clients. Check in on where you are online and make sure you're available to potential customers.

Prioritize Educating Your Clients
While most people learned why using a travel agent is so important, some are still unsure. Use this time to educate clients on why using an advisor to book travel is so important. Create informative content to share on your website and via email and consider organizing a meetup with clients to share ways you can help plan their dream trips.

Focus on Personalization
Travelers see marketing messages all over the place. Think of ways you can make your message personalized to your target audience. Figure out where your clients stay connected and create messages that speak directly to them.

Applying these tips will help make 2022 a strong year for sales. Contact us today to learn more about bettering your business in 2022 and beyond.

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