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Why Now is the Best Time to Start your Dream Travel Business


The golden age of travel is upon us, which is why now may be the ideal time to start a dream business as a travel advisor.

Are you dreading your 30-minute commute to work? Just going through the motions at a 9-to-5? Maybe you are distracted by travel while trying to focus on a spreadsheet?

If adventure excites you and you have big professional dreams, the travel industry is right where you belong, and there's never been a better time to begin your journey.

Here are five reasons why packing up your old job and becoming a travel advisor is one of the smartest moves you can make in 2022:

Travel Requirements are Lifting
The U.S. has lifted its Covid-19 testing requirements for international travelers. This means that a large weight has been lifted off travel-hungry clients as concerns about returning home after traveling abroad have subsided.

Now, travel is ramping up--and fast--and that means now is the perfect time to start an independent travel business.

Travel Advisors are Needed More than Ever
Travel is roaring back and, more than ever, people want to make up for lost time and experiences lost to the pandemic, but they also need guidance.

The idea of "revenge travel" has sparked a desire for clients to see the world now more than ever before. This is pushing demand to great heights, but as interest in travel grows, so too does the need for travel advisors. With such a surge, there is more business for you and your independent agency right off the bat.

Be your Own Boss
Sick of the 9-to-5? As an independent agency owner, you are your boss. You own your own business, which gives you a level of complete autonomy that working for another person or company does not. This is the time of the “be your own boss” revolution–and rightfully so! Now is the perfect time to take the reins of your success as an independent travel advisor.

Make Money Doing What you Love
The pandemic has made many people realize that life is too short to do something that they don't love. As a travel advisor, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere, while doing what you love. Don't be afraid to dream big and follow your gut!

Start a Business From Your Home
It really is the dream. Ditching the commute, saving time and money, increasing productivity and working from the comfort of your home. All that can be yours. As a travel advisor, you are able to start and run a powerful business all while keeping up with the hustle and bustle of your personal life.

More than ever, attaining your dream business in travel is in reach as an independent travel advisor. For more advice on this topic or to learn more about running a successful independent travel business, contact us today - we're ready to help you get started.

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