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4 Steps to Designing your Dream Travel Business


If you're reading this, you're most likely considering a professional change. Maybe you've been feeling an itch that you'd be happier or more fulfilled doing something else.

Take a second to imagine your professional goals – think about what success looks like for you and how fulfilled you'd be in your dream business. Now, how do you go about actually creating that for yourself?

Before writing off that dream as unachievable, think about this: the average worker spends between 10 and 14 years over the course of their lifetime at work. Given that we spend so much of our waking lives working, will you strive to make the most of it and satisfy your calling with a business that fulfills and excites you?

If you're ready to take that step into starting a business that checks all the boxes for you, there's never been a better time to be a part of the travel industry. That's why we've put together four actionable steps to help you take that leap to your dream travel business.

Find your Passion
When it comes to dreaming of your perfect business, most people start by asking themselves “What am I passionate about?” and go from there. Is traveling the world, creating lasting memories and positively impacting the lives of your future clients at the top of your list?

When it comes to travel, you don't have to let your dreams just be dreams. Not only can you satisfy your craving for adventure, the opportunity to own your own business and be your own boss, all while seeing the world, but you'll also enjoy the satisfaction of creating unforgettable travel memories for your clients – and what's better than making travel dreams come true (along with your own professional goals)?

Do your Research
You have your eye on the destination – a future as a travel agent – now do you have the roadmap to get you there? Taking the time to chart out what you need to prepare yourself to join this life-changing industry will help set you up for success in the long run.

First, evaluate what you need to get started. Are you new to the industry and are looking for a host agency to join? Find out what options are available to you to make your dream attainable. Do you know anyone who is already in the travel industry? Feedback from your peers is a great way to get unbiased advice on potential travel networks to partner with, destinations or products to specialize in and insight into the day-to-day life of a travel agent.

Take the Leap!
This is your sign! You'll never own your own travel business if you don't take the initiative to make it happen. Once you've gone through steps one and two, it’s time to make your move.

Take the time to acknowledge anything that's potentially held you back from moving into your dream business – is it fear of the unknown, uncertainty working for yourself, losing hard-earned status? Recognize that these limitations are obstacles created by your own mind; it’s natural to resist change, which is why many people stay in unfulfilling jobs year after year.

If you want to build a business you love, you need to overcome these doubts and take control of your life. Make ample plans to prepare for the unexpected before getting started, but don't let your most valuable assets like time, energy and potential go to waste by sticking with a profession that no longer meets your needs.

Get a Coach
Even when you've achieved your dream business, it's important to keep progressing. Find out what resources are available to you to help you continue moving forward in your business operations – continuous success will have made the leap worth it, right?

Look for opportunities for professional development and growth within your surroundings. Affiliated with a host agency? Take advantage of any programs they have to offer your business. At Avoya, we're dedicated to helping you continue moving forward, which is why we dedicate our time to developing award-winning educational programs like the Avoya Mastermind™ and Mastermind Foundations for Early Success programs to help you do just that.

It's never too early to start thinking about your dream business; it's never too late either! As an independent travel agency owner in the Avoya Network™, you can dream big and join a community full of dreamers eager to lead in the future of travel.

With Avoya, you can make your dreams reality. We're ready to help you start an independent travel business that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, all while doing what you love. Join 1,800+ travel professionals creating the successful business they've always wanted today. To learn more about starting your dream business in the Avoya Travel Network, contact us today to get started.

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