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Whisking Dreams into Reality: Your Recipe for Creating Your Dream Travel Agency


As the smell of freshly baked sweets fills the air and holiday lights are strung up with care, imagine a world where you could work from anywhere! At Avoya, we’ve been whipping up a recipe for the sweetest treat of all: professional freedom.

The magic of the holidays reveals itself in the smaller moments—baking together, generously sharing gifts and cozying up in front of a crackling fire. So, in the spirit of the season, we’ve decided to share this recipe with all of you! May it bring you joy and success, like it has with many other generations of the Avoya family.

• 1 proprietary in-house SaaS technology platform
• 1 laptop (or mobile device) with a stable Wi-Fi connection

• 1 package of Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya (pick whichever package best suits your needs)
• 7 customized marketing assets
• A dozen Live Leads™
• 1 handful of Instant Commission™
• 1 cup of passion
• 3 tablespoons of support

Disclaimer: At Avoya, we measure with the heart. Feel free to add as much or as little of these ingredients as you’d like!

Happy Holiday

1. Combine Your Ingredients: Unlike other holiday recipes, ours doesn’t begin with sugar, flour or butter. Instead, our education, certification and dedication blend together perfectly to create a solid foundation, ensuring your business has everything it kneads to start up and succeed. We know the best recipes involve just the right amount of personalization, which is why ours includes Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya. With three different program options, you can truly customize this recipe for success to your unique preferences!

2. Stir it up With Our Proprietary SaaS Technology: Every baker has that one trusty kitchen appliance that they use over and over again. Ours is Agent Power™! To us, Agent Power is equivalent to one of those deluxe stand mixers -- you know the ones with a large bowl for stability, multiple speeds and various attachments to accommodate a variety of recipes? Our technology platform was designed with advanced resources and capabilities to meet all your business needs. With a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, booking engine, knowledge base and more, you can truly streamline your daily operations.

3. Sprinkle in Passion: Picture your passion for travel as the glittering sugar in your favorite holiday confection. Let it shine through in every interaction! Your clients will truly appreciate the love and care you put into each travel experience, just like the love and care you put into every delicious homemade recipe.

4. Whisk in Support: Much like a reliable baking assistant, our team of experts stands ready to provide the support needed for a flawless outcome. Imagine them as your trusty kitchen companions, offering guidance, expertise and a helping hand when needed. We’re always prepared to whisk in and assist you with any issues you may be facing.

5. Get Creative with Customizable Marketing Assets: Just as bakers customize their cookies, travel advisors customize their travel businesses! Cookie cutters are great for gingerbread men, but when it comes to travel advisors, we prefer a more organic approach. Your travel business is uniquely yours. Why not use customizable marketing assets to show it off?

6. Heat Things up With Live Leads™: Our Live Leads add the perfect amount of sweet heat to any travel business. They’re available 24/7, delivered directly to you through phone, web and a mobile app. Does it get any better than that?

7. The Icing on Top: Every baker knows the importance of a good icing, and in the world of travel advising, commission is the sweetest topping of all. With our Instant Commission™ program, you can indulge in the satisfaction of getting paid sooner! This is actually our secret ingredient but since it’s the holiday season, we’re willing to share it with you.

8. Garnish With Success: While this step is optional, we certainly never miss an opportunity to celebrate our achievements. Have you hit your first $100,000 in sales? Maybe you booked your first luxury cruise? Go ahead, show it off! Let your expertise shine.

We probably should’ve told you this sooner, but we definitely aren’t bakers. We are, however, travel experts! If you’re looking to turn your passion for travel into a profession, then you’re in the right place.

We hope your holiday season is full of wonderful moments like gathering in your kitchen to bake your favorite sweet treats. If the comfort of your home feels extra cozy this holiday season, remember that you are just one click away from becoming a home-based travel agent. Ready to give yourself the gift of professional freedom? Fill out the form below and get started today.

Treat yourself! You deserve it.

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