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Top 7 Travel Trends for 2024


For travel enthusiasts, the new year brings new opportunities to explore every corner of the world. If you're ready to take a peek into some of the most exciting travel trends on the horizon for 2024, you're in the right place.

Our team has been busy gathering the latest travel intelligence from trusted travel industry leaders and endlessly scrolling through all the social media platforms to bring you a list of only the latest and most accurate travel trends. That's right! We did the hard work, so you didn't have to! Consider this roundup to be your glimpse into which trends are about to dominate the travel industry so you can properly prepare your travel business and eager customers.

An Overview of 2024 Travel Trends:

1. Destination Dupes
2. Smart Technology
3. Customer Splurging
4. Health and Wellness
5. Bucket-List Trips
6. Set-Jetting
7. Expedition Travel

Destination Dupes
A trend that began on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram has now found its way influencing the way people travel! The term 'dupe' refers to an affordable alternative to a popular product. So how are dupes finding their way into the travel industry? Well, travelers are searching for more affordable ways to experience luxury-style travel. This means traveling to locations that provide similar experiences to historically expensive locations. Another reason for the recent increase in destination dupes is the desire to vacation in a less-crowded or less-touristy location. Now that's something I think we can all appreciate.

One of the most notable dupes of 2023 was Taipei, Taiwan as a dupe for Seoul, South Korea. Some of our favorite destination dupes for 2024 include the island of Paros as a dupe for Santorini, Curacao as a dupe for St. Martin, Memphis as a dupe for Nashville and Quebec City as a dupe for Geneva. Did we mention we're heading to Quebec City later this year for our Annual Avoya Travel Conference? Click here to learn how you can join us on this trip.

Smart Technology
It's no secret that technology has made the world more accessible than ever. The integration of advanced technology has revolutionized the way we plan, experience and share our travels. You'll hardly ever find a modern globetrotter traveling without a smartwatch, language translation app or some version of a virtual assistant.

Additionally, progress in transportation, exemplified by electric and autonomous vehicles, is steering the course toward a more sustainable future in travel. The synergy between technology and travel goes beyond mere convenience; it seeks to elevate the entire travel experience, making it more immersive, streamlined and environmentally conscious.

Find out how Avoya is leading the way with modern technology by clicking here!

Customer Splurging
With an increase in the cost of living, many individuals have had to change their spending habits in order to adapt. While some are finding destination dupes (see what we did there?) or taking a break from travel altogether, others are making travel a priority by reducing their personal spending in other areas of their life.

We saw this first-hand in 2023, with most Avoya Live Leads™ spending 34% more per booking than they did in 2019. It's also worth noting that personal clients of Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network™ spent 24% more per booking last year than they did in 2019. Jeff Anderson, Co-CEO of Avoya Travel, said these positive booking trends were evidence that Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network were selling more luxury products than ever before.

Of course, with an increase in sales comes an increase in commission. Our reports show that Avoya Live Leads generated a whopping 58% more commission per booking than in 2019. Now that's a trend we like to see.

Health and Wellness
Why are customers willing to make travel a priority? Because their health and wellness are also a priority! Vacations play a huge role in relieving stress and improving the overall mental and physical health of travelers. In 2024, consumers are more aware of their health and are looking for creative ways to incorporate healthier habits into their lifestyle.

Wellness tourism has sky-rocketed in the last year with an increase in vacation activities such as yoga, wellness retreats and immersive outdoor experiences. Travel suppliers are taking note of this trend, offering more non-alcoholic drink options and providing a variety of food menus that foster detoxing, recovery and rejuvenation. How will your agency lean into the health and wellness trend this year?

Bucket List Trips
If there's one thing we've learned in recent years, it's that life is short. We've seen this lesson shine through in the bucket list trips customers completed in 2023 and the ones they already have booked for 2024. As individuals increasingly seek out distinctive and unforgettable experiences, we've noticed that the focus extends beyond merely visiting renowned landmarks; it revolves around personal fulfillment and meaningful adventures.

Completing these legendary trips not only satiates your customers' wanderlust, but it also imparts a sense of accomplishment that lingers long after their journey concludes. This feeling will inspire them to book more trips, cementing their spot as one of your most loyal customers.

This particular trend went viral in 2023 so we know that it's not going anywhere any time soon. Set-jetting, also known as travelling to the location where your favorite movie or show was filmed, will continue to be just as hot this year.

In 2020, when many of us were stuck at home, we often watched (and re-watched) a variety of shows and movies. It was a way for us to escape reality and be visually transported around the world, without ever stepping foot outside! This increase in watch-time has single-handedly fueled the popularity of set-jetting in 2023 and 2024. Travelers are more likely to visit specific locations after seeing them on their screens because they feel emotionally connected with these places and want to see them in real life.

Which destinations will capture the spotlight in 2024? With the anticipated release of season four of Emily in Paris on Netflix and a new season of Bridgerton scheduled for May, we predict that European travel trends will be inspired by these series, along with others. Additionally, reality TV shows like Love Island and Survivor might serve as inspiration for vacationers seeking to explore more exotic or tropical locations this year.

Expedition Travel
In the last few months, we've seen an increase in individuals seeking more immersive and adventurous experiences. For these thrill-seekers, expedition travel provides a heightened connection with nature and a departure from the usual.

But these travelers aren't just looking for adventure, they're also searching for ways to limit their impact on the environment. The rise of sustainable and eco-friendly expedition options reflects a growing awareness of the impact of travel on the environment. How can you expand your knowledge of expedition travel to improve your sales in 2024? Reach out to our Brand Sales team to schedule a 1:1 brand coaching session.

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