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Host Agency or Travel Franchise: Where Is Your Next Client Coming From?


Starting a business is like building a house.

Before you begin building, every element must be carefully thought out to ensure the safety and security of your structure, with a solid foundation below and a reliable roof above.

The same can be said for your business. Having a solid foundation is crucial to grow a successful and profitable business. The more secure the structure is, the more effective and efficient operations will be, making it easier to run your business, service customers, increase sales, grow your client base and earn repeat and referral business. Sales are the lifeline of any business, and without a solid customer base, a business can start to crack and crumble like a poorly constructed home.

Just like when carefully choosing the right resources and services to build a house, it's crucial to make careful decisions when choosing the right travel network to partner with! That's why we're listing out what to consider when doing your research, so you can be fully prepared to make a well-informed decision - you can view previous articles in this series here in the blog.

How to Find New Clients and Feed Your Business

Let's dive into one of the most important factors to ensure that your small business sees success (and that your structure stays standing): finding new clients - aka, marketing.

As we're in the midst of Wave Season (the travel industry's busiest sales period of the year, a three-month long period from January to March), having a steady stream of clients is crucial to Wave success and beyond.

Whether you're an experienced travel professional with decades in the industry, or you're just getting started, you don't want to be stuck asking yourself "Where is my next client coming from?" at every turn.

With Avoya Travel®, you'll never need to worry about where your next client is coming from. Along with an extensive supply of turnkey marketing assets from our Marketing Resource Center™, our Live Leads™ program is a unique and innovative service that provides travel advisors with new client leads that match their specialties and preferences.

Some travel networks claim to offer "free" marketing or lead programs, but they typically only provide directory-sourced clients. In this setup, clients choose agents from a directory, forcing agents to compete for their client leads. Worse yet, some networks advertise free marketing materials or lead programs but charge fees for each lead received, regardless of whether they book or not.

Compared to its competitors, Avoya's Live Leads are specifically tailored to match the specialties and preferences of your agency. This means you'll receive leads that align with your expertise. What's more, this program is already included in your affiliation cost, meaning we don't charge you for leads or marketing, period.

With our unwavering commitment to innovation in the travel industry, Live Leads are powered by advanced smart technology. This technology identifies past clients who are most likely to book their next vacation with you, elevating the lead conversion process. This groundbreaking approach provides travel advisors with high-converting and sticky client leads, helping them expand their book of business and take their agency to new heights.

Available anywhere via phone, web and mobile app, this program is the number one solution to one of the biggest challenges travel professionals face, and it's available at no additional cost to you, so you can have more time to do what you do best - sell travel.

Ready to start living a lifestyle of success? Fill out the form below to learn how Live Leads can help you supplement your current book of business or help you expand into the travel industry and build your client base.

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