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Host Agency or Travel Franchise: Maintaining Long-term Success with Your Travel Network


How many times have you heard the saying, “time is money”? Too many times to count, we'd guess. But the reality is that time is not something that an independent travel professional can afford to waste. This is where having a strong travel partner comes into play, with resources and support that can help you save time, so you can focus on increasing sales. And so, in that sense, time really is money.

As we wrap up our series highlighting the top factors to consider when choosing the right travel network, let's dive into our final two factors that are essential for the ongoing success of your independent travel business: support and professional development.

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Never Feel Alone in Your Travel Network
Getting up to speed in a new business takes time and effort, and you'll want a team to support you and your business in all ways imaginable. From securing the best exclusive deals from suppliers, to helping with group bookings and applying the best promotions, to suggestions and ideas important to operating your own business, the support staff at Avoya Travel® is here to do just that. Providing only the highest quality support, Avoya's support is truly unrivaled, reflecting our dedication and commitment to helping Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network™ live a lifestyle of happiness and success. We believe in a Shared Success™ model, meaning we only succeed when you do.

Along with friendly support available seven days a week, you'll gain access to the Avoya Community Forum, an online peer-to-peer resource that allows you to connect with other Network members for helpful tips, industry insight and more.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have the backings of an entire travel network behind you, cheering you along on your path to success.

Get More from Your Travel Partner
Not only is it important for your travel network to provide you with the best support and resources to kick off the start of your business, but you should also consider what they can offer long-term that will help your business stay competitive.

Some networks offer training to help get your business started as part of their program, with others charging thousands to help set you up. In Avoya's case, we don't nickel-and-dime you for access to our array of professional education and development programs, included in your affiliation.

Avoya also offers an optional Early Success program dedicated to providing you with insight and opportunities for growth and development within your first year of business ownership. Through this program, you'll be connected with an Early Success Development Coach who will answer all your questions, help you establish successful business systems and guide you to understanding how to define success.

Other opportunities include Avoya's Instant Commission™ program and industry-leading events like our Annual Conference, Land Forum, Recognition Reward Trips and more!

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